What George Ate

This tab was created after frequent thoughts that I’d like to catalogue the recipes we have tried – and thoroughly enjoyed – from cookbooks, magazines, and blogs. I was inspired to use a page on my blog to list our favourite dishes after reading a friend’s sister’s blog – where she so graciously reviews the recipes she has tried each month, then puts the top ranking ones on a “Recipes” page. Time-after-time we make a dish that we devour greedily and want eat again; but when it comes time to making it, we sometimes can’t recall where the recipe was from. So now I’ve made my own little area on the blog where I can find our favourites. It’s not every recipe we’ve tried, these are just the ones we want to come back to again and again. (This is a work in progress – so check back often for new additions)

Please note that not all these recipes are gluten free. Many are favourites from before I had to give up gluten, but I still want to remember where to find them.

Disclaimer: I am in no way compensated for listing the beloved recipes below. These are simply tried-and-true recipes that see (or will see) frequent rotation on our family table.

Appetizers & Snacks




Main Dish



Slow Cooker


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