My name is Georgina, but many of my family and friends call me George. I live in the Northwest Territories – way up in Canada’s North. I am not a professional chef. I am however, a home-cook obsessed with food and eating. Because eating at restaurants every night seems to me an unreasonable option, I taught myself to cook (with the help of my parents of course), so that I could discover new flavours in my own kitchen. Over the years, cooking has grown into one of my favourite past times; there is no where I feel more relaxed than in a kitchen. I’ve learned my skills, and about the flavours that belong together, from spending countless hours cooking; from reading cookbooks and food novels; from having FoodNetwork on 80% of the time I am in front of the television; and from always wondering and thinking about what I’ll be eating next.

This blog was created as a place to chronicle the recipes I’ve tried and those I’ve created. It’s been a great forum for sharing these recipes with family and friends; and am delighted that the site has grown to be read by many people around the world! Many of the recipes here are my own; however, some have been adapted from recipes I’ve read or seen elsewhere. I draw inspiration from restaurants, family and friends, from the cooking styles of Jamie Oliver, Ina Garten, Nigella Lawson, and Jennifer McLagan….oh and now from Pinterest too!

I am married to a wonderful man, who happens to know how to fly planes – and does it for a living. Although he wasn’t that into food when we first met (almost a deal breaker…), Kyle has become my number one food critic. I know he loves me because he’s not afraid to tell me when something’s missing from a dish – although more often than not he tells me I’ve nailed it! (*sigh of relief!) We recently added a furry little addition to our family with a puppy named Kona. She’s got a voracious appetite like me; however, she goes nuts for chicken, my least favourite meat to eat. I’ll respect her decision though.

My favourite things to eat are popcorn, pork, and tacos. I’m pretty sure I should just make a porky, popcorn taco and call it a day. Browse through the site, and you will see the later two most desired foods show up frequently around here; and I won’t apologize for that.

This site has undergone a major change since May of 2012. I found out in April 2012 that for health reasons, I would have to give up gluten – maybe for only a year, maybe forever. I desperately mourned the loss of so many foods I had grown to love over the years; but when I finally got over my self-pity, I realized that the change would push me to become more creative, and to enjoy even more fresh produce and animal products. Since May, all the recipes have been gluten free; however, as I previously consumed mounds of gluten when this blog started, be aware that recipes prior to this may be gluten-filled.

I hope you enjoy all the delicious content. While most people seem to prefer to email me questions and comments, I do appreciate feedback on the site – and your question may be one that other readers have as well – so please leave comments if the mood strikes you! All I ask is that you please be tasteful and respectful; this is a family-friendly site. Thanks!

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