I Eat, You Eat

I’m following the sage advice of some very close family & friends and beginning a culinary chronicle with everyone I know who loves food. I’m aware I can be a bit of a nut when it comes to the fuel we consume; so part of me is suspicious that the suggestion to post musings on all things cooked, baked, drank, eaten, & savoured was a way to get me to shut up about it in the real world… Tough chance of that happening though!

I lovelovelove cooking, baking, & eating, so over the years I have collected tons of recipes, cookbooks, and (essential) cooking tools. Family and friends frequently ask for recipes after I’ve made a dish or drink – and few of you mentioned that this may be the best way to share these and other tidbits with many people at once. I’m fairly nervous about this type of platform for sharing – I’m not sure if I will be good at keeping up with posts, but hopefully you will hear from me at least once a month!

While I enjoy reading cookbooks (like novels – soaking up the stories curled up in bed!), some of the recipes here will be entirely my own (so please give credit where credit is due if you’d like to re-write the recipe somewhere). At times I like to taste the chef’s/cook’s dish the way they intended it, so I follow the recipes to a tee, but most of the time I take creative liberties with the recipes I use. If I post a recipe that was taken from somewhere, I will acknowledge the source, plus inform you of any changes made. Let me know if you have any suggestions for tasty modifications to recipes.

But enough with the particulars … on with the food!

  1. #1 by Kevin Robinson on April 17, 2011 - 10:13 pm

    Great idea Gina :) I will be trying your recipes with Lindsay! I may even send you a few suggestions of our own :)

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